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Landlord and Tenant Representation

Property Marketing and Positioning

Market and position retail properties to attract potential tenants. Create comprehensive marketing strategies, highlighting the property's unique features.

Market Research and Location Analysis

Conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify suitable retail spaces that meet their client's specific requirements and preferences. Assess market trends, demographic data, and competition in the target area to facilitate informed decision-making.

Tenant Sourcing and Negotiation

Actively seek and evaluate potential tenants, negotiate lease terms, and secure agreements that align with the landlord's investment goals. They work to maximize rental income and occupancy rates while ensuring long-term tenant satisfaction and retention.

Lease Negotiation and Structuring

Negotiate lease terms and conditions that align with the tenants' business objectives and budgetary constraints. Strive to achieve competitive rental rates, favorable lease terms, and provisions that support the tenants' long-term business growth. 


Lease Structuring and Management

Structure lease agreements, including terms related to rent escalation, maintenance responsibilities, lease duration, and tenant improvement allowances. Oversee lease management and ensure that the tenants fulfil all contractual obligations.

Site Selection and Due Diligence

Assist in identifying and evaluating potential retail spaces, considering factors such as location, visibility, accessibility, and foot traffic. Conduct due diligence on prospective properties, assessing zoning regulations, building conditions, and any potential limitations that may impact tenants' business operations.

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